Saturday, April 09, 2005

to understand recursion, you must first understand recursion.

I was thinking about how it would be fun to enter the world of social soap-opera politics for a little while, and act insulted that Jordan's site didn't instantly grow a magical link to mine. Then I thought, "Gee willickers, that's the kind of thing I could write about!"

And then I realised that, by writing about it, I would indeed be entering the world of social soap-opera politics -- postulating that Jordan will actually read this -- by making it known to him, nay, to the world, that I had taken notice.

As a note, I hadn't taken note, that is, I noticed (since I read his site) but I hadn't taken note.

I then decided that, if I added that further thought process, it would no longer be a foray into the world of soap-opera social politics, but merely a self-referential blog entry; with this fourth appendage, I determined that it had become a needlessly aimlessly complicated self-referential blog entry.

It gives me migraines to have to listen to my thoughts.


Blogger Brendan said...

The title was the best part. Keep up the "concept blog."

08 April, 2005 23:09  
Blogger publicdomaining said...

Congratulations, you've gone meta. I read the title as "..recursion...excursion" the first time, and was looking forward to some sort of an expedition tale. Sorry, socioanthropological studies come a distant second to Pirates of the High Seas, or the Plunder of Robin Hood.

birdvote #187

Postscript: shame on lack of anonymous comment allowance. Your respectometre reading has just gone down.

09 April, 2005 15:22  
Blogger Jordan said...

See, this is what happens when I blogger at school and then don't turn the computer on for the rest of the day. I end up with another enemy. Or at least, another guy who's angry.

09 April, 2005 20:30  
Blogger Anonymous said...

I just edited it and added a bunch of links. I even created a Wikipedia entry so that I could link to it.

And by the way Jor-Dan, the point was that I didn't really mind, seeing as it had been a grand total of twenty-four hours or so.

The Management

09 April, 2005 20:35  
Blogger Brendan said...

Your "Gee Willickers" page is already up for deletion.

09 April, 2005 21:57  
Blogger Anonymous said...

"Gee Willickers has been deleted. Let's say a prayer for it; may it not suffer in the miscellaneous afterlife. If you don't believe in an afterlife, then you must at least admit that this can not possibly do Gee Willickers any harm.

The Management

Requiescat in Pacem "Gee Willickers"
19(a little while ago) - 20(a slightly smaller while ago)

26 April, 2005 23:14  
Blogger Anonymous said...

After learning today of the delicious hypocrisy that was my unintentional prevention of anonymous commenting on my anonymous blog, I spent a few minutes savouring the bitter irony then fixed it. Once again, convenience defeats irony.

11 May, 2005 22:26  

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